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Learn all the ways to find the right personality type that bests fits the person you want to be with. 

We get it, meeting the right person is hard...

At CSC We Will Help You,

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Single Christians love us because you will learn what's been holding you back from the the person that is right for you.


Divorced Christians love us you will understand all the things that went wrong and learn how to avoid repeating the past.


Widowed Christians love us because you learn how to move forward and embrace the new possibilities that lies ahead.

Let me ask you a question..?

You might think the problem is with the other person, and quite frankly sometimes it is.

But let’s face the facts you chose them.


Learn to Unlock The Hidden Power of  the Enneagram to find the person you want that’s right for you.

Start Today, and the next person you meet might have everything you desire in a soulmate.

The differences is, this time you will know want to do to take that relationship to the next level.

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